Game fitting part II

Here is how the game fitting session went.

The setup at the Barsebäck golf academy is really impressive. They have a really nice studio where they can open up and hit balls out on the range. Very professional i must say.

I warmed up by hitting a few 7 irons, before we got started going through all the clubs. Below is a chart with all my distances from Driver to 58 degree wedge.

It was quite windy today, but trackman have a setting for neutralising the wind conditions which was used.

Club Average carry (m) Average Total (m)
Driver 165 179,5
3-wood 159 173,3
4-hybrid 151,2 166,3
4-iron 148,6 169,7
5-iron 148,5 167,5
6-iron 134,8 147,4
7-iron 136,5 145,5
8.iron 123,6 132,3
9-iron 118,7 126,1
Pitching wedge 101,4 106,6
50 degree wedge 83 86,3
54 degree wedge 73,7 76,6
58 degree wedge 60,7 65,5

This is interesting. Some of my clubs seem to go more or less the same distance. I discussed this with Kricken and he thought that some of the longer irons weren’t hit that well. As an example the 6-iron would have gone longer if i had hit it as well as the 7-iron. Same with the 4-iron. The swings with these clubs was swung without as much body rotation thus creating the shorter distance. This is something i have to keep working on. I can probably create an adjusted chart with my target distances, where i adjust the length of those clubs accordingly.

He also gave me 4 keys to work on in my swing.

  • Pre-shot routine.
    Every shot should count, even on the range. Meaning i must always use the same routine for every shot, even on the range. Otherwise i risk to start hitting shots that is merely compensations of the previous swing.
  • Body rotation
    The body must be the driving force in my swing. Start the swing with moving the hips
  • Balance
    I have a tendency to put the weight forward on the foot. Try to feel that you are in balance and have the pressure on the entire foot.
  • Footwork
    This one is very much connected to the balance. The feet tends to twist too much in the follow through, because i am not in balance.

Christian “Kricken” Härdin was a very nice guy and i enjoyed the experience a lot. He also promised to send me a detailed report of all my swings and that is going to be very interesting reading. Especially the dispersion on the clubs where i don’t get the expected distance. I would expect the dispersion to be greater on those clubs

I played a round of golf in the afternoon where i scored 84 and hit 71% of the fairways and 44% of the greens in Malmö Burlöv GK. 34 putts.

Keep working on your golf swing!

The towel drill

Hi fellow golfers!

I saw a video on the youtube channel “me and my golf” describing the towel drill. The idea is to practice your impact. You put down a towel 3 balls behind your ball and then you hit, without touching the towel.

I tried it out on the range yesterday, and i hit som awesome shots with my irons. I hit the towel a few times in the beginning, but i quickly learned how not to destroy the towel. I really felt a much better impact where i hit the ball first and not the ground before the ball.

Towel drill

I took it to the course afterwards where i played nine holes. I hit great approach shots where i took nice divots after the ball.

Swing hard and hit the ball first!

Game fitting

Hi fellow golfers!

I booked a Game Fitting session with Christian “Kricken” Härdin of Barsebäck Golf and Country club. I am going Friday this week. I got a gift card from my colleagues at work when i turned fifty, and i will use it for this.

It is a one hour session with the following parts.

  • Swing analysis
  • Measure how far i hit all the clubs, using trackman.
  • Set makeup + gap fitting.
  • Fast Equipment check

I am really looking forward to this, and i will report back how it went.


Putting routine

Hi fellow golfers

One of the areas where i need to work is definitely my putting. So i found a video by Martin Chuck describing how to increase rhythm in your putting and also suggested a putting routine. Well i tried it yesterday on Ljunghusen Golf Club and i found it very helpful.

I had 32 putts, which is slightly better than average for me. What is even more important i had no 3-putts, which is very important!

So whats the deal?

The basic idea is to count One-Two-Tree-Four.

  • One: When you start the back swing.
  • Two: When you hit the ball.
  • Tree: When the put is on its way to the hole.
  • Four: When you allow yourself to look at the result of your putt.

You do this in a rythm which suits you. Martin suggested around 90bpm

You can also take a few practice strokes where you only do the One-Two part to get a feeling for the length of the swing, that you think will fit the put at hand.

When you are ready to put, you say the word “ready” before you start the One-Two-Tree-Four part. The ready word is a signal to your subconcious, that you are 100% committed to the putt.

I will try the 50-ball putting method using this routine later, to see if this can improve the results.

By the way. Ljunghusen GK was an absolutely magical place to spend a sunday.

Swing easy!