Owning my wedge distances

Many years ago i read the two books below.

Dave Pelz Short game bible
Dave Pelz Putting bible

Specially the short game bible made a lasting impression on me. One of the main subjects in that book is the concept of 3 x 4 wedge distances. If you have 4 wedges you should practice and own three different swings with each of them. That gives you a total of 12 distances with your wedges between 30 and 100 yards.

The three swings are referred to as 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 swings. Imagine that your left arm is the hour hand on an analog clock. So the 7:30 swing is when you take back your left arm to a 7:30 position and so forth.

I have now decided to take up this again. Tomorrow i will use a few hours at nailing these distances, so i feel more comfortable within 100 yards.

I have a Match game at 14:00 tomorrow and i think i need to be more exact within 100 yards (90 meters) to be able to make more birdies. I will let you know how it went of course.

From the book Dave Pelz Short Game Bible