My future golf game

The Plan

My plan for  my golf game is to reach scratch handicap within the next 3 years. Does it sound ambitious? It is!

6.5/3 = 2.17 handicap points per year In average.

How will i reach this ambitious goal then?

Focus areas

The plan consists of the following focus areas which represents areas where i need to  improve my “game”.

  • Physical form
    • Physical Training
    • Healthy Diet
  • Mental game
    • Confidence
    • Positive attitude
    • Mushin state
  • Full swing game (outside 100 meters)
    • Technical issues in my full swing
      • Rise in back swing
      • Missing upward follow though
    • Directional control
    • Length control
  • Short game (within 100 meters)
    • 3 x 4 Swings with my wedges (Dave Pelz inspired)
    • Length control
    • Putting
      • Directional control
      • Feel
      • Length control

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