Putting routine

Hi fellow golfers

One of the areas where i need to work is definitely my putting. So i found a video by Martin Chuck describing how to increase rhythm in your putting and also suggested a putting routine. Well i tried it yesterday on Ljunghusen Golf Club and i found it very helpful.

I had 32 putts, which is slightly better than average for me. What is even more important i had no 3-putts, which is very important!

So whats the deal?

The basic idea is to count One-Two-Tree-Four.

  • One: When you start the back swing.
  • Two: When you hit the ball.
  • Tree: When the put is on its way to the hole.
  • Four: When you allow yourself to look at the result of your putt.

You do this in a rythm which suits you. Martin suggested around 90bpm

You can also take a few practice strokes where you only do the One-Two part to get a feeling for the length of the swing, that you think will fit the put at hand.

When you are ready to put, you say the word “ready” before you start the One-Two-Tree-Four part. The ready word is a signal to your subconcious, that you are 100% committed to the putt.

I will try the 50-ball putting method using this routine later, to see if this can improve the results.

By the way. Ljunghusen GK was an absolutely magical place to spend a sunday.

Swing easy!